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Chris Lehmann is features editor for the New York Magazine.

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Literati: The Oprah Wars

No sooner had American culture bid its sober
official farewell to irony than
the literary world veered headlong yet again into the gruesome (yet ever
comforting) ironies of cultural warfare. The occasion was novelist Jonathan
Franzen's widely publicized affront to Oprah Winfrey, who had made his novel The
the choice of her book club for the month of October. Among Franzen's
trespasses was the observation that as a writer "solidly in the high-art literary
tradition" he felt a bit squeamish about the Oprah's Book Club imprimatur;
indeed, the embossed book-club seal of approval struck him as a unwelcome
corporate logo, slapped carelessly onto the cover of a work he still regarded as