Chris Mooney

Chris Mooney is a Prospect senior correspondent and, most recently, author of Unscientific America: How Scientific Illiteracy Threatened Our Future (with Sheril Kirshenbaum).

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The Other Terror

"It is scandalous that a few hijackers with knives were able to hold scores of airline passengers at bay. As a good first step towards making commercial airplanes dangerous for hijackers, pilots should be issued handguns…..Cabin stewards who wish to carry concealed weapons should likewise be authorized to do so….And passengers? Forty years ago, sportsmen routinely stowed their shotguns in overhead luggage compartments. There were no laws against bringing guns onto planes. Whatever the benefits that have resulted from the last three decades of laws against passengers carrying lawfully owned firearms onto planes, they have been far outweighed by a single day's deaths which are the direct result of turning planes into safe zones for terrorists."


On his radio show on Thursday, Rush Limbaugh went ballistic about my recent American Prospect Online article "The Secret War on Tom Daschle." Apparently the piece really touched a nerve: Limbaugh read most of the article on the air and pronounced it "fascinating" (needless to say, not in a positive sense).