Christopher Edley Jr.

Christopher Edley Jr. is dean of the Boalt School of Law, University of California, Berkeley.

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Leading the Races

We routinely screen presidential candidates for demonstrated competence on national security, economic policy, and other supreme responsibilities. But neither major candidate has demonstrated leadership or expertise on racial and ethnic justice (though George W. Bush's record is far worse). To our collective shame, it's been a “missing issue” in the campaign. But it must not be missing among the next president's priorities, because, as Bill Clinton correctly asserted, we face no more difficult or important domestic challenge. The to-do list has as many headings as the nation's agenda, because racial subtexts pervade everything from juvenile justice to HIV research to the way Americans think about our security and humanitarian interests in countries whose citizens are supposedly different from “us.” Begin with simple justice. Enforce the laws we have. Notwithstanding the overwhelming social-science evidence of continuing high rates of discrimination in employment and elsewhere,...