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Daily Meme: The Crimean War 2.0

  • Diplomatic hell broke out this weekend when the citizens of Crimea, the southwestern region of Ukraine at the center of a standoff between Russia and the West, voted to secede and join Russia.

Daily Meme: The Conspiracy Theorist Inside All of Us

  • In 2014 we are used to stories that have neatly-defined, if contradicting narratives, and which resolve themselves relatively quickly, fading into the ether. Which is what makes the story of the Malaysia Airlines flight that has been missing for a week such an engrossing one. The narratives are muddled, the experts all seem to be at a loss, and no one's quite sure what the exact facts of the case are.
  • Recent developments have thrown things even more into doubt, and into a place of speculation about possible dark motivations behind the plane's disappearance.

Daily Meme: Let the Budget Beat-Down Begin

  • We know you've all been waiting for it. Counting down the days and hours like a kid to Christmas morning or a virgin to prom night. And it's finally here—the president's budget. 
  • The big doc filled with $3.901 trillion of proposed government programs dropped this morning, and in contrast to years past, the White House is not throwing any bones to the Republicans.

Daily Meme: El Chapo and Our War on Drugs

Daily Meme: White Men with Money—The Story of the 2014 Midterms

  • Since 2014 is already two months in and the November elections only a short nine months away, we figured a brush-up on where all the money will be coming from is in order. As you might have guessed, this will mostly be a list of wealthy white men. Enjoy!