Dana Goldstein

Dana Goldstein, a former associate editor and writer at the Prospect, comes from a family of public school educators. She received the Spencer Fellowship in Education Journalism, a Schwarz Fellowship at the New America Foundation, and a Puffin Foundation Writing Fellowship at the Nation Institute. Her journalism is regularly featured in SlateThe AtlanticThe NationThe Daily Beast, and other publications, and she is a staff writer at the Marshall Project. 

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BUSH POLITICS AND PUBLIC HEALTH. Two days before the Senate is set to hold confirmation hearings for Dr. James W. Holsinger , the anti-gay Kentucky cardiologist who's been nominated to be surgeon general, former Surgeon General Richard Carmona told Congress the Bush administration banned him from speaking publicly about stem cell research, emergency contraception, sex ed, mental health, global health, and other issues. He was pressured not to attend the Special Olympics because of the event's ties to the Kennedy family. I kid you not. The job of surgeon general is to be “the doctor of the nation” -- not “the doctor of a political party,” said Carmona, a Bush appointee. --Dana Goldstein


THE EVER EXPANDING DICTIONARY. Surely, one of the whimsical, wonderful things about the English language is its flexibility. New words Christened by Merrian-Webster this year include "ginormous" (gigantic + enormous) and "crunk" (a style of Southern rap). --Dana Goldstein


UPDATE: POP SINGERS AND MATRIMONY. So David Brooks thinks Avril Lavigne , 22, and Pink , 28, promote an ideology hostile to marriage before the age of 30? They're both married . -- Dana Goldstein


RETRO DAVE. David Brooks has a truly bizarre column today citing the lyrics of female pop stars as evidence of America's "formless premarital life, and the anxieties it produces." Apparently songs by Avril Lavigne , Carrie Underwood , and Pink expressing anger at cheating boyfriends and too-slick guys at bars prove that today's "lone ranger" young women, "product[s] of the cold-eyed age of divorce and hookups... face a social frontier of their own. They hit puberty around 13 and many don’t get married until they’re past 30. That’s two decades of coupling, uncoupling, hooking up, relationships and shopping around. This period isn’t a transition anymore. It’s a sprawling life stage, and nobody knows the rules." Hm. What would Brooks prefer? A world in which, thanks to social pressures to rush into marriage and motherhood, women stay with the first loser who crosses their path? In any case, he missed the best entry of the angry-girl genre, Lily Allen 's " Smile ." --Dana Goldstein


"DIE N-WORD." Those were the words of Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick , who yesterday participated in an NAACP ceremonial "burial" of the racial epithet, complete with pine coffin and eulogies. Is the NAACP alienating itself from younger African Americans by excoriating a term commonly reappropriated in rap lyrics? The group's chairman, Julian Bond , told the Associated Press that younger members of the board were responsible for planning the event. Indeed, there is a movement within hip hop and pop culture to stop using the word: Check out Abolish the "N" Word and these comments from comedian Dave Chappelle . But politically-engaged progressives who critique the term are often accused of preaching from a place of class privilege. Are women more likely to embrace the c-word to describe their sexual anatomy if they don't live a life where they're slurred with the term? And how about "queer?" There's a word that, for its adherents, has a much broader meaning than the terms "gay" or "...