Dana Goldstein

Dana Goldstein, a former associate editor and writer at the Prospect and The Daily Beast, is a Spencer Fellow in education reporting at Columbia University. Her work on politics, women’s issues, and education has appeared in BusinessWeek, Slate, The New Republic, and The Nation.

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THAT OLD HOUSE. Home ownership creates wealth, and long-term renting is akin to flushing money down the toilet. Right? Well, think again. A study by The New York Times's David Leonhardt finds that the benefits of renting aren't exclusive to the sub-prime exurban buyers who can't afford their mortgages. In every major metropolitan area, including New York and D.C., home prices would have to make an unlikely rise of between 4 and 5 percent annually for a buyer to break even after five years, which is the average length of time recent homeowners have stayed put.


FAMILY VALUES. A current plot line on ABC's hit show "Ugly Betty" (the most progressive show on network television) involves the travails of Ignacio Suarez, a Queens retiree with heart problems and no health insurance who is at risk of deportation even though his two daughters and grandson are all American citizens. Pegged to the recent up tick in workplace raids, today The Washington Post reports on some of the real-life families facing this dilemma.


FLIP-FLOPPER. In 2001, John McCain talked to John Edwards, Tom Daschle, Harry Reid, Ted Kennedy, and other Democrats about leaving the Republican Party, The Hill reports this morning, but abandoned the idea when Vermont Senator Jim Jeffords left the GOP and declared himself an Independent. The story is confirmed by former Rep. Tom Downey (D-NY), Daschle, and �a source close to Edwards.� To some swing voters, this news will likely help to harden the ridiculous myth of �maverick� McCain. But this is a great weapon for McCain�s GOP rivals.


�MAKE HISTORY WITH HILLARY.� That�s the tagline for NOW�s new campaign to elect Hillary Clinton the next president of the United States. The august feminist organization joined Emily�s List today in making an unusually early formal endorsement of HRC. It demonstrates the limit, I think, of single-issue politics. In her statement, NOW PAC Chair Kim Gandy says:


ANOTHER YEAR OF THE WOMAN? Senators Ted Kennedy and Barbara Boxer and representatives Carolyn Maloney and Jerrold Nadler will reintroduce the Equal Rights Amendment in Congress today, and will announce hearings on women�s equality in the House Judiciary Committee's Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. Conservative online media is already up in arms, lamenting the funding the ERA would likely provide, for the first time, to poor women on Medicaid who need to access abortion.