Dana Goldstein

Dana Goldstein, a former associate editor and writer at the Prospect and The Daily Beast, is a Spencer Fellow in education reporting at Columbia University. Her work on politics, women’s issues, and education has appeared in BusinessWeek, Slate, The New Republic, and The Nation.

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When the Recession Ends, What Will Happen to Women Workers?

Note to The New York Times: The correct term for referring to the incorrect notion that this recession primarily affects men is "hecession," not "mancession."

Quote of the Day: Chuck Grassley Edition.

As expected, the Senate Finance Committee just rejected the Rockefeller amendment to include a public option in its health reform bill. During the debate, Chuck Grassley said:

The government is not a fair competitor. It's a predator.

The Final Word on Roman Polanski.

Eugene Robinson:

...there was certainly no artistic merit in the crime he acknowledged committing: During a photo shoot at the Los Angeles home of his friend and "Chinatown" star Jack Nicholson, Polanski plied a 13-year-old girl with champagne and drugs and had sex with her.

That is grotesque. In general, I agree with the European view that Americans tend to be prudish and hypocritical about sex. But a grown man drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl? That's not remotely a close call. It's wrong in any moral universe -- and deserves harsher punishment than three decades of gilded exile.

--Dana Goldstein

White House to Dems: Deal With Abortion on Your Own.

Bad news for those of us who've been hoping President Obama would confront members of Congress who are using abortion to delay health reform: The Times reports that Obama called anti-choice Democrat Bart Stupak -- who has sworn to beat back any bill that includes even private plans that cover abortion -- and told him to work the issue out within the Democratic Party. The problem is, the White House has given no indication as to what "working it out" should look like. Should women who receive insurance affordability subsidies be denied access to every health plan covering abortion?

Who Grades Our Children's Tests?

I just caught this great Times op-ed from Sunday on standardized test scoring, by Todd Farley, who has published an exposé book on the subject. He writes: