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Dana Goldstein, a former associate editor and writer at the Prospect and The Daily Beast, is a Spencer Fellow in education reporting at Columbia University. Her work on politics, women’s issues, and education has appeared in BusinessWeek, Slate, The New Republic, and The Nation.

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Reproductive Health in the Baucus Plan.

After health reform, who will decide what medical services insurance companies must cover? The House and Senate HELP committee bills empower an independent council of medical experts to make coverage recommendations to the Health and Human Services secretary. This is the group that would make controversial decisions about whether abortion, infertility treatments, or certain experimental procedures should be covered in basic health plans.

About Immigrants and Health Reform.

The GOP got feisty tonight when President Obama said his health reform plan does not cover undocumented immigrants. South Carolina Republican Joe Wilson even called out "You lie!" from the gallery.

So this is a good time to revisit some reporting I did on this issue last month:

First Look at the Obama Plan.

President Obama is giving his speech on health reform right now. And the White House has just posted -- for the first time -- a detailed health reform plan. The highlights:

Tweeting the Speech.

Follow me! Our own Tim Fernholz is at Congress tonight and will have reactions and commentary later.

--Dana Goldstein

Health Reform Better for Poor than Middle Class. How Did We Get Here?

Matt Yglesias notes the Wall Street Journal is reporting that in his big speech to Congress tonight, President Obama will reaffirm his commitment to a public option -- a dinky public option. This awesome chart from Nick Beaudrot shows exactly how dinky it is; the pink boxes represent the public option. But it also demonstrates something else about health reform that you won't hear any Democrat say: It does more to help the destitute poor than the working or middle class.