Dana Leigh Marks

Dana Leigh Marks has served as a sitting Immigration Judge in San Francisco, California, from January of 1987 to the present. She has been president of the National Association of Immigration Judges for the past 14 years.

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Immigrant Courts Should Be Independent -- Not an Arm of the Administration

The president of the National Association of Immigration Judges outlines what it would take to improve the administration of justice.

AP Photo/Juan Carlos Llorca, File
AP Photo/Juan Carlos Llorca, File A Guatemalan woman stands inside a dormitory in the Artesia Family Residential Center, a federal detention facility for undocumented immigrant mothers and children in Artesia, New Mexico. O ur nation’s immigration court system is at ground zero of the current immigration debate, yet it is one of the most misunderstood pieces of the multifaceted puzzle that the American public must solve in order to address the issue of immigration reform. Action should be taken to protect these unique courts from politicization or they will be further crippled by dysfunction, our national image will be irreparably tarnished, and meaningful solutions to the immigration dilemma facing our nation will continue to evade us. The immigration court system is often the only face of American justice that noncitizens see. How can we show the superiority of our form of government and rule of law if we fail to provide due process in this context? Our immigration laws provide such...