Daniel Treiman

Daniel Treiman completed an internship at The American Prospect.

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Status Of The Applause

Candidates run for president -- and the President lays out his priorities -- as though they can unilaterally enact policy. But more often than not, that impertinent body called Congress stands in the way of presidents' mighty promises. (Noting the promises of some of the presidential candidates, this may be a blessing not-thinly disguised.) The American Prospect Online decided to examine where the likely agreement is between this president and Congress. The laboratory? The State of the Union address. TAP Online timed the applause (which turned a 14-page speech into a two-hour one) after each of President Clinton's pronouncements. Our "study," though it would never pass muster with the National Academy of Sciences, indicated which of Clinton's laundry list appealed to the gathered lawmakers. The most popular agenda items were relatively small ones -- such as preventing genetic discrimination by employers and insurers, which received 23 seconds of applause. Next...