David Kusnet

David Kusnet was President Bill Clinton's chief speechwriter from 1992 through 1994 and was a speechwriter for Democratic presidential nominees Walter Mondale and Michael Dukakis. He is the senior writer at the Podesta Group, a government-relations and public-relations firm.

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Debatable Points

Democrats were lucky that their presidential candidates' debate Saturday night was an invitation-only event for political junkies, aired live in Washington and rebroadcast on C-SPAN several times Sunday. The nine contenders weren't ready for prime time, anyway.

Below the Beltway

a recent address to the Catholic Press Association, Bob Dole
sketched out a culturally conservative agenda on social issues. But when it
came to welfare, Dole, at one point, portrayed teenage mothers with rare
charity: "We are just beginning to recognize that perhaps half of the
fathers of [their] babies are grown men, 20 years or older. In other words, a
central feature of the plague of illegitimacy is older men preying on young