David Rolf

David Rolf is president of an SEIU local in Seattle and an architect of SEIU’s home-care worker organizing campaigns.

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Alternative Futures for Labor

This piece is part of the Prospect' s series on progressives' strategy over the next 40 years. To read the introduction, click here . The crisis facing workers in the United States began decades before 2007’s recession, and that crisis is inextricably linked to the decline of the labor movement. America’s workers are the world’s most productive. They work harder and longer than workers in any other industrialized nation. Yet two-thirds of Americans live paycheck to paycheck. It hasn’t always been this way. Between 1935 and the mid-1970s millions of workers joined the middle class, and our nation’s tremendous economic gains were shared almost equally among workers in every income group. This shared prosperity was made possible, in large part, by America’s industrial labor unions and the particular model of worker organization enshrined in the 1935 National Labor Relations Act (NLRA). But the world in which unions grew and thrived has disappeared. Our labor laws, and the organizing and...