Deepak Bhargava

Deepak Bhargava is executive director of the Campaign for Community Change.

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From Class Consciousness to Social Change

There are four fundamental elements to building the kind of economic and racial-justice movement America needs today, and they must be pursued together—indeed, they need to be understood as the same project. First, there is the work of articulating a cogent alternative to market fundamentalism, one that is deeply informed by a racial-justice analysis, because we know that the absence of the latter will doom multiracial change efforts in this country. Such ideas need to be informed and enriched by conversations in communities—much as the populist movement built a national agenda by sending thousands of lecturers around the country to not only talk but listen, so that its agenda resonated with everyday people’s values and experiences. Second, we need to radically reconceptualize the forms through which we build power for working people. No change benefitting the bottom third of the country—the 106 million people living in households earning less than twice the poverty line—can possibly...