Devin McKinney

Devin McKinney is the author of Magic Circles: The Beatles in Dream and History, just published by Harvard University Press.

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'60s for Sale

Since declaring themselves defunct more than 30 years ago, the Beatles have alternately receded and loomed as figures of cultural authority and musical influence. While their spirit has hovered over and coursed through reinventors as diverse as David Bowie, Funkadelic, Elvis Costello, Prince and Kurt Cobain, there are other shifts of the pop paradigm to which they were never issued an invitation. (They're hard to find in hip-hop, unless we trace, as some have strained plausibility to do, a lineage from the word salad of "I Am the Walrus" to freestyle rap.) But the Beatles have never quite gone away -- nor are they likely to, since their continued popularity is due less to boomer nostalgia than to the band's timelessness. Like friends, the Beatles are never far from a fan's thoughts; like family, they loom largest when an anniversary approaches, as it does now. Things are falling into place for their latest commercial resurgence. The Great Beatles Revival of 1976 -- compilation albums...