Dylan Matthews

Dylan Matthews was a summer 2008 Prospect editorial intern.

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Regional Zero.

Ha'aretz's report that the governments of Israel and Iran have been conducting discussions on nuclear issues is encouraging enough, but this specific tidbit is astonishing (via Blake Hounshell):

Libertarianism without Liberty.

Reason just published an incredibly revealing discussion on the question of whether libertarians should oppose interference from cultural actors -- such as religion or the patriarchy -- as well as from government. Kerry Howley persuasively argues those who oppose coercion from the state have an obligation to oppose coercion from oppressive non-state actors like, say, fundamentalist religious sects. Todd Seavey disagrees:

Dealing with the Iranian Nuclear Problem.

Big news out of Vienna this morning, as International Atomic Energy Agency director Mohamed ElBaradei announced that the US, Russia, and France had reached a limited deal with Iran to curb its nuclear programs. Here are what details we know at the moment:

My Rights Versus Yours.

Robert Bernstein, founder of Human Rights Watch, is highly disappointed that his organization would apply the same standards to Israel that it does to every other nation. Scott Lemieux has ably picked apart his curious claim that any nation acting in self-defense gets to play by some looser set of moral standards. His relativism about democratic regimes, however, I find particularly galling: