Dylan Matthews

Dylan Matthews was a summer 2008 Prospect editorial intern.

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By Dylan Matthews When the GOP appears set to dump its first African-American leader mere weeks into his tenure in favor of a member of an all-white country club, it's hard for schadenfreude not to turn into genuine pity and concern. Obviously, this was in large part Steele's own doing, but it's fairly tragic that he flamed out the way he did , and that Katon Dawson, of all people, is his natural successor.


By Dylan Matthews Harvard Crimson lore has it that somewhere in the newspaper's building, you can find the old portrait of Lenin that Jim Cramer used to hang in his office. Cramer, back in the '70s, was an actual Communist; not "restoring the top marginal rate to 39.6%" Communist, mind you, but "establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat through bloody class struggle" Communist. So it's heartening that he's followed the David Horowitz path and figured out how to be wrong about everything in a totally different way. I'll let Jon Stewart explain: */ The Daily Show With Jon Stewart M - Th 11p / 10c Basic Cable Personality Clash Skirmish '09 Daily Show Full Episodes Important Things With Demetri Martin Political Humor Economic Crisis It's easy to attack Stewart, as Cramer and Scarborough did , and accuse him of cherry-picking Cramer's predictions for effect. But it wouldn't really matter. A broader look doesn't do his track record any favors (via TAP's own Alexandra Gutierrez ):...


By Dylan Matthews John Sides has a good, long rant at the expense of Matt Bai and his somewhat off-handed condemnation of political science. The whole thing's worth reading, but this point in particular deserves emphasizing: Political journalism would be improved with a bit more rigor and somewhat higher empirical standards. It needn’t mimic political science faithfully, but it should push in that direction — at least when it goes beyond simple reporting of the days events into something approaching analysis. I'll just add that this notion of political science as entirely quantitative (or, in Bai's innumerate characterization, "Greek symbols and some algebra") is pretty exaggerated. It has become more mathematical in recent decades, sure, but a great deal of the discipline is still dependent on case study. No one is expecting reporters to start running ANOVAs or doing multiple regression analyses before they write trend pieces, but a more rigorous approach to qualitative analysis...


By Dylan Matthews Ezra has already written about Jonathan Krohn, and his fifteen minutes seem to be about up, but it's worth highlighting Ta-Nehisi's comments on the conservative wunderkind: If you're a conservative and you care about this kid, you don't give him a public forum. You give him your card, and you take his e-mails. You give him a list of books that he needs to read. Then when you see him, you quiz him on those books. You tell him that you're glad he showed the initiative to write and publish himself, but his thesis is actually banal. That if he's going to play in the big leagues, he should expect to get hit and prepare himself thusly. You warn him away from sideshows, and teach him to pride hearing over being heard. You teach him that these are his weapons and his shield in the great war of ideas. It's easy to use Krohn as a bludgeon against the GOP as a whole, as the next logical step after Joe the Plumber in the party's descent into a state of aestheticized ignorance...


By Dylan Matthews You know, I'm all for dispelling the notions that suburbia is eco-friendly and that urbanization is necessarily environmentally deleterious. That said, I somehow doubt that taking on beloved children's book characters is the best way of going about it. Can't we find pro-Seuss ways of arguing for urbanism? Isn't there some way to refashion Whoville as an ideal New Urbanist community, given how reliant on pedestrians and light on carbon it is? Come on, Glaeser, work with us here. Transitioning from a suburb-enabling infrastructure system was always going to be politically difficult, and alienating the Lorax fans isn't going to help. Image used under a Creative Commons license from Flickr user miss_rogue.