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Dylan Matthews was a summer 2008 Prospect editorial intern.

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By Dylan Matthews

When the GOP appears set to dump its first African-American leader mere weeks into his tenure in favor of a member of an all-white country club, it's hard for schadenfreude not to turn into genuine pity and concern. Obviously, this was in large part Steele's own doing, but it's fairly tragic that he flamed out the way he did, and that Katon Dawson, of all people, is his natural successor.


By Dylan Matthews

Harvard Crimson lore has it that somewhere in the newspaper's building, you can find the old portrait of Lenin that Jim Cramer used to hang in his office. Cramer, back in the '70s, was an actual Communist; not "restoring the top marginal rate to 39.6%" Communist, mind you, but "establishing a dictatorship of the proletariat through bloody class struggle" Communist. So it's heartening that he's followed the David Horowitz path and figured out how to be wrong about everything in a totally different way. I'll let Jon Stewart explain:


By Dylan Matthews

John Sides has a good, long rant at the expense of Matt Bai and his somewhat off-handed condemnation of political science. The whole thing's worth reading, but this point in particular deserves emphasizing:

Political journalism would be improved with a bit more rigor and somewhat higher empirical standards. It needn’t mimic political science faithfully, but it should push in that direction — at least when it goes beyond simple reporting of the days events into something approaching analysis.


By Dylan Matthews

Ezra has already written about Jonathan Krohn, and his fifteen minutes seem to be about up, but it's worth highlighting Ta-Nehisi's comments on the conservative wunderkind: