Eban Goodstein

Eban Goodstein is professor of economics at Lewis and Clark College and the author of two books and an economics textbook.

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Auto Erratic

Two or three times a day, perfect strangers
come up to me in the parking lot at the grocery store or the bank and ask about
my hybrid car, a Toyota Prius.

Stranger: How do you like your car?

Me: I love it--it's great.

Stranger: Does it really get 50 mpg?

Me: No, it's doing mid-40s. My best tank was 49.

Stranger: How is it on the highway?

Me: Great, does 80 mph no problem. Small gas motor, but when you accelerate
the electric gives it a kick. That's why it gets such good mileage.

Stranger: It looks pretty roomy.

Behind the Numbers: Polluted Data

In one case after another, both corporate lobbyists and academics have overestimated the costs of environmental regulation. Herewith the surprising explanation of why they've been consistently wrong.