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"And Now Begins the Overreaction."

Opening Remarks Opening gambits: Obama croons "Let's Stay Together," Romney counters with "She'll Be Comin' Round the Mountain." — Paul Waldman (@paulwaldman1) October 4, 2012 I'm confused. I was led to believe this would be a debate between Jeremiah Wright and Orly Taitz. — Jesse Walker (@notjessewalker) October 4, 2012 This is like watching a tax law professor debate an investment advice infomercial host — daveweigel (@daveweigel) October 4, 2012 Moderator Bashing ... — Silent Jim Lehrer (@SilentJimLehrer) October 4, 2012 Jim Lehrer is watching "Homeland" on his iPad. — John Podhoretz (@jpodhoretz) October 4, 2012 Jim Lehrer seems kinda crotchety, but we really need Eastwood moderating this debate. — Molly Ball (@mollyesque) October 4, 2012 JIM LEHRER IS A REPLACEMENT REF — Kevin Lincoln (@KTLincoln) October 4, 2012 I like when Twitter moves this fast, because it means we're all just shouting into the ether, and not actually reading any of it. — Alex Koppelman (@AlexKoppelman)...

Debate Prep, the Domestic Policy Round

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The first of three presidential debates will take place today at the University of Colorado in Denver and focus on domestic policy. Here's a list of the best pieces we've published about each candidate's domestic-policy agenda. Economy (AP Photo/David Goldman) Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney speaks at a campaign event at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum, Monday, October 1, 2012, in Denver. Obama Obama's Squandered Economy , Rich Yeselson Is Obama Too Calm Before the Storm? , Tim Fernholz Barack Obama's Theory of Power , Robert Kuttner Romney Mitt Romney, Servant of the Right , Jamelle Bouie Why "Knowing How the Economy Works" Is Not Enough , Paul Waldman Health Care (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File) In this March 23, 2010 file photo, President Barack Obama signs the Affordable Care Act in the East Room of the White House in Washington. When you vote in November 2012, you'll be voting for more than a president; you'll be...

Other NASA Firsts

From the first Lunar Orbiter to the just-landed Curiosity Rover, a slide show of great moments in NASA's history.

Slideshow Other NASA Firsts At 10:32 PM PST last night, NASA announced that the Curiosity Rover had safely landed in the Gale Crater on Mars. Here's a slide show of great photos from NASA history, from one taken by the first Lunar Orbiter to a picture of Mars's surface sent back from the Curiosity Rover last night.

A Devastating Drought

Across the Midwest and the South, crops fail and farmers suffer from the driest conditions in 50 years.

The widest drought to grip the United States in 50 years is getting worse with no signs of abating. Government agencies report that 71 percent of the country is experiencing "abnormally dry" conditions since June, double the area as last summer—when, for perspective, the drought resulted in $12 billion of losses in the Southern Plains and Southwest. Some climatologists are referring to this year's drought as a "flash drought" because lack of rainfall has led to drought conditions over a few months, rather than over seasons or years. Slideshow "The Largest Drought in 50 Years"


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In anticipation of today's Supreme Court ruling on the Affordable Care Act, Twitter users took to levity, making humorous predictions about what the justices would rule. Here are the top ten: Court rules 6-3 that the middle seat is entitled to BOTH armrests. #otherSCOTUSpredictions — Nate Silver (@fivethirtyeight) June 28, 2012 5-4 Justices rule that broccoli has the same free speech rights as people #otherSCOTUSpredictions — Dahlia Lithwick (@Dahlialithwick) June 28, 2012 5-4, Supreme Court rules "justice is not blind." But, Roberts notes in majority opinion, "it may be deaf." #otherSCOTUSpredictions — David Corn (@DavidCornDC) June 28, 2012 8-1 removing baby from the corner, with Alito dissenting that removal could infringe on baby’s 1st amendment rights. #otherSCOTUSpredictions — amaeryllis (@amaeryllis) June 28, 2012 8-1, rule that (Roberts writing majority opinion) "this court should stay friends no matter what." Scalia dissents. #otherSCOTUSpredictions — Josh Greenman (@...