Eric Alterman

Eric Alterman is a distinguished professor of English and Journalism at Brooklyn College and the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism. He is a columnist for The Nation, Moment, and The Daily Beast. His most recent book is Kabuki Democracy: The System vs. Barack Obama.

Recent Articles

Stone Cold Untruths

It is with a great sense of foreboding that I feel compelled to address myself to Paul Berman's New York Times Book Review essay on Myra McPherson's biography of I.F. Stone and a collection of Izzy's best columns edited by Peter Osnos.

Where FDR Went Wrong

President George W. Bush was a lot closer to right than he usually manages when he placed the Yalta agreement, signed by Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin, in the context of the agreements that viewed “the freedom of small nations [as] somehow expendable.” What Bush, like most Republican critics before him, misses, however, is that the deal with the Soviets was inevitable. Roosevelt was forced to recognize the realities of the postwar map. Indeed, the cause of much bitterness and confusion arising from the Yalta deal in the decades that followed flowed from FDR's unwillingness to admit what he had done.

Wake-Up Time

Are our national media -- schoolyard silly during campaign 2000, by turns somnolent and sycophantic ever since -- starting to rouse themselves from their long torpor? It's still way too early to answer that question with a "yes," but if that's what the answer turns out to be, the first week of February may have marked a turning point.

Books in Review

Bush at War By Bob Woodward. Simon & Schuster, 376 pages, $28.00