Erik Tarloff

Erik Tarloff is the author of Face-Time and The Man Who Wrote The Book.

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Why Bush Won't Be Nominated

Last year, my wife and I were at a dinner party at which all the guests were asked to handicap the coming presidential election. It soon became apparent we were the only Democrats present; the other guests were not merely Republicans, but wealthy Republican donors (had we stumbled into the wrong dining room?). And the universal opinion among these people- it had not yet become the conventional wisdom- was that George W. Bush would be the next Republican nominee. They all seemed to be salivating at the prospect. The sight of salivating Republicans is distinctly unwelcome at a dinner party, enough to put one off one's feed.

Opus Posthumous

This last year in the arts seems to have been dominated by dead people. Maybe that isn't inappropriate when a millennium grinds to a close.