Ernest Hollings

Ernest C. Hollings is a former Democratic senator from South Carolina.

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We Need Alexander Hamilton

Dubai could have a silver lining. The government didn't think twice about the security of six major seaports in the United States. It thought that what was good for the transnationals, for globalization, was good for the country. People now realize that corporate America is blind to the nation's security and its economy. Only government can protect our manufacturers, our economic strength. The bubble of “free trade,” and of “protectionism,” has popped. The charades of the “trade war” and of “globalization” are over. As Henry Clay observed in 1832, “The call for free trade is as unavailing as the cry of a spoiled child, in its nurse's arms…It never has existed; it never will exist.”

Four Wars

In the Iraq War, we failed to commit the troops necessary to secure the country, and now we are in a mess. In the Terrorism War, we are creating more terrorism. In the Afghanistan War, we have yet to capture Osama bin Laden. And in the Trade War, our manufacture is so outsourced that an incident with China would cause us to cancel Christmas.