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Gabriel Arana is a senior editor at The American Prospect. His articles on gay rights, immigration, and media have appeared in publications including The New Republic, The Nation, Salon, The Advocate, and The Daily Beast.

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Cathie Black Shown the Revolving Door

Over at her personal blog, Prospect alumna Dana Goldstein has a sharp post on New York City Schools Chief Cathie Black 's resignation after only three months on the job. Late last year, Mayor Bloomberg had tapped the Hearst magazines executive to head the largest school district in the nation despite her having absolutely no experience in education. It seemed self-evident that, politically, the best person for Mayor Bloomberg to appoint to be the face of his education agenda would be someone who could soothe anxieties around race, class, neighborhood autonomy, and instructional best practices. Cathie Black was, almost comically, the opposite of all that. A publishing executive with no personal or professional experience with any public school sytem--let alone with the incredibly complex New York City public school system--Black sent her own two children to private boarding school in Connecticut, and had attended parochial schools herself. As my friend Elizabeth Green just noted on...

Are Puerto Ricans Illegal Immigrants?

Sometimes, I'm dumbstruck by the insane things anti-immigrant folks say (for instance when the Heritage Foundation's Conn Carol suggested, during our Bloggingheads repartée, that one of the big problems with illegal immigration is the widespread epidemic of undocumented workers defecating on people's property). The National Review has another such gem today from Mark Krikorian , the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies -- a hate group that masquerades as a think tank. Krikorian objects to the "pseudo-congressman from Puerto Rico" saying, "We are a nation of immigrants." “We”? Puerto Rico is a foreign country that became a colony of the United States in 1898, no different from the French colony of Togo or the British colony of Uganda (or the U.S. colony of the Philippines). Congress granted residents of the island U.S. citizenship during World War I, but Puerto Ricans remain a distinct people, a distinct nation, with their own (foreign) language, their own history,...

A Tale of Two Victims

While we were obsessing over the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, we ignored another killing in Arizona. And that one offered a stronger lesson about our political rhetoric.

Briseña Flores
Shawna Forde saw herself as a Robin Hood figure -- someone on a moral mission. As media director of the Washington state chapter of the Minuteman project -- the San Diego-based "citizens' Neighborhood Watch on our border" -- Forde was a spokesperson for the organization. Her dedication inspired other members of her family to join her on yearly trips to Arizona to "secure" the Southern border. In 2007, with Jim Gilchrist, her mentor and a Minuteman project founder, by her side, she told a crowd of about 100 people at the local Elks Lodge about her moment of political awakening. "I was in the mall one day and, hey, nobody's speaking English. I realized we had a serious problem. I just got tired of pushing 'one' for English," she said. "I decided to do something about it." So on May 30, 2009, Forde stood strong against the injustice of pushing "one" and, dressed in a Border Patrol uniform, broke into a home in the rural Arizona town of Arivaca and shot 9-year-old Briseña Flores and her...

TAP's Take: For Freedom and Against Obama.

This week on our weekly podcast: Adam Serwer , Monica Potts , and Pema Levy talk about the evolving protests in Egypt, and the right-wing smear campaign against Planned Parenthood. Listen Now: To download the mp3 directly, click here . Also, if you just want the RSS feed, it's here . We're on iTunes! Click "subscribe" to the right to get TAP's Take automatically delivered to your iTunes library every week.

The Little Picture: Toyota Exonerated.

(Flickr/ Harry NL ) A Toyota dealership. Today, a report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released the results of a safety investigation on Toyota vehicles that suddenly accelerated. It found no electronic flaws.