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Gabriel Arana is a senior editor at The American Prospect. His articles on gay rights, immigration, and media have appeared in publications including The New Republic, The Nation, Salon, The Advocate, and The Daily Beast.

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Cheesy Does It

How Glee became the most beloved show on television

The Glee cast (Flickr/Gudlyf)

Musical theater is as close as it comes to religion for me, so you can consider Glee's 8-to-9 Tuesday slot on Fox my "Hour of Power." Like a missionary outpost in D.C.'s cultural desert, each week a local gay bar screens the latest episode on a large projector. For that short span of time, the club music and cruising stop while patrons from their 20s to their 60s sit in reverent silence to watch the high-school travails of McKinley High's glee club.

If you ask me, any show that can hold a club queen's attention for that long deserves its title as "the gayest show on television."

Why Immigration Reform Is Going Nowhere

Obama needs to treat immigration as more than just a national-security issue.

Border Patrol agent Albert Deleon checks the banks of the Rio Grande in 2007. (AP Photo/LM Otero, file)

Earlier this week, the president met with several high-ranking administration officials and supporters of immigration reform, including New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, to discuss possible ways of moving forward with "comprehensive immigration reform" -- the euphemistic plan to trade tougher enforcement for much-needed improvements to immigration law. The meeting comes on the heels of a recent tour by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano highlighting improvements in border security and assailing Republican critics who depict the Southern border as a war zone.

Half a Million to Defend DOMA Isn't That Much

Left-wing media outlets are assailing House Speaker Boehner for paying white-shoe lawyer Paul Clement $530  $520 an hour -- and up to $500,000 -- for defending the Defense of Marriage Act in court. Here’s Ian Millhiser at ThinkProgress:

Cathie Black Shown the Revolving Door

Over at her personal blog, Prospect alumna Dana Goldstein has a sharp post on New York City Schools Chief Cathie Black's resignation after only three months on the job. Late last year, Mayor Bloomberg had tapped the Hearst magazines executive to head the largest school district in the nation despite her having absolutely no experience in education.

Are Puerto Ricans Illegal Immigrants?

Sometimes, I'm dumbstruck by the insane things anti-immigrant folks say (for instance when the Heritage Foundation's Conn Carol suggested, during our Bloggingheads repartée, that one of the big problems with illegal immigration is the widespread epidemic of undocumented workers defecating on people's property). The National Review has another such gem today from Mark Krikorian, the executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies -- a hate group that masquerades as a think tank. Krikorian objects to the "pseudo-congressman from Puerto Rico" saying, "We are a nation of immigrants."