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Gabriel Arana is a senior editor at The American Prospect. His articles on gay rights, immigration, and media have appeared in publications including The New Republic, The Nation, Salon, The Advocate, and The Daily Beast.

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TAP Talks to Rep. Earl Blumenauer.

Tim Fernholz finds that the Oregon progressive thinks it's time to cut the budget. Wait, what? : So how should Democrats address the budget? We as Democrats have not spent as much time comprehensively dealing with the big picture, and that was most of what Matt and I were talking about. We are going to have to look at how we spend money differently, in defense and agriculture and infrastructure. I support putting more money in the highway trust fund for roads and transit. I really do think that we can do things to get a lot more value out of federal spending. We ought to avoid lots of little piecemeal decisions on the tax side of the equation. I'm a voice that hopes that as we move forward, we can take a deep breath and look at the range of federal policies that deal with taxation and not have a lot of little rifle shots. 

Best Customer Service Reps Bend the Rules.

At the Daily Dish , Conor Friedersdorf Andrew Sullivan posts a letter from customer-service representatives -- some of the worst-paid employees in the private sector: The most offensive customers are the ones who assume that CS reps are uneducated, have landed in their jobs because they have no other choice, and simply cannot provide help without an aggressive approach by the customer. The great majority of my co-workers in both of my jobs are college-educated, experienced in a lot of different life situations (including world travel, and a great variety of past jobs and professions) and are CS reps because they respect the companies they work for and believe in the product and services they sell and represent. Friedersdorf Sullivan then posts his own letter to Verizon asking for fees to be reversed and promising, in return, his undying loyalty: "How I'd love to re-sign with my first wireless company (one whose Customer Service managers I'll have written to compliment the young...

The Little (Moving) Picture: Brewer's Bloopers.

During last night's Arizona gubernatorial debate, current Gov. Jan Brewer -- who signed the state's draconian immigration-enforcement bill -- stumbled through her opening statement. She also refused to recant statements, later proved false, that illegal immigration in Arizona had led to beheadings.

TAP's Take: Beck-a-palooza.

On this week's podcast from The American Prospect , Paul Waldman , Ann Friedman , and Monica Potts talk about the end of the Iraq War, depressing poll numbers for Dems, and Glenn Beck ’s quasi-religious rally on the National Mall. Listen Now: To download the mp3 directly, click here . We're on iTunes! Click "subscribe" to the right to get TAP's Take automatically delivered to your iTunes library every week.

The Era of Data-Driven Education.

Gabriel Arana says No Child Left Behind has given us a lot of hard numbers -- but we still don’t know what they’re telling us about educational outcomes : But while rooting out bad teachers and excoriating unions for protecting them has become the cause célèbre of education reformers, this isn’t simply a case of teachers’ unions trying to protect their own. Since the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) in 2001, schools have been required to test students’ progress on a yearly basis. There’s been an ongoing debate not only about what exactly these tests measure but whether -- and how -- the resulting data should be used to evaluate teachers. For the first time, education-policy experts have a big heap of standardized statistics gathered over several years -- instead of a hodgepodge of sporadically taken samples -- and no one knows quite what to do with them. KEEP READING …