Gabriel Arana

Gabriel Arana is a senior editor at The American Prospect. His articles on gay rights, immigration, and media have appeared in publications including The New Republic, The Nation, Salon, The Advocate, and The Daily Beast.

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Recent Articles

Do Gays Really Make Better Parents?

To the presumed chagrin of social conservatives, the soon-to-be-published results of a 20-year study on lesbian parents doesn’t show that their children are damaged. In fact, the children of lesbian parents tend to be better adjusted socially and more competent academically than the children of heterosexual couples. They also have fewer behavioral problems. Dr. Nanette Gartrell of UCLA Law School, one of the study’s authors, says it’s because lesbian parents tend to be more involved.

Putting Arizona's SB 1070 on Hold.

The avalanche of lawsuits began as soon as Gov. Jan Brewer signed Arizona's immigration-enforcement bill on April 23. By my count, five have been filed so far, with a new one springing up every week or so.

The Little Picture: Airline Delays.


Cancelled flights from New York's JFK Airport. Today, the Obama administration announced new consumer-protection rules for air travelers. Travelers whose flights are bumped will be eligible for up to $1,300 in compensation (up from $800). Airlines must also allow travelers to make changes to their reservation without penalty up to 24 hours before a flight.

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