Gina Neff

Gina Neff is a doctoral student in Columbia University's sociology program and a research associate with the Center on Organizational Innovation.

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Game Over

"H ow could we have been so stupid?" In the old new economy, the woman who asked this question was a heroine of sorts, one of those feisty young dot-commers with stock options, mobility and sought-after skills. But the "new" is over now, those great jobs have vanished and many such heroes are asking themselves the same thing. After all, the technology industry was considered largely immune from the "creative destruction" that was destroying, creatively, the old economy. Sure, a company here or there might fail, but high-tech was going to work out capitalism's kinks, if not save America altogether from its otherwise wheezing economy. Manufacturing might be devastated, with blue-collar wages plummeting and dead-end service-sector jobs booming. But tech workers from Silicon Valley to Silicon Alley were the cream of the crop, the highly skilled workers who learned computer technologies quickly and adapted to uncertainty eagerly. Unlike the rest of us rubes, they were making the changes...