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A MORAL IMPERATIVE, INDEED. To add to Matt's point about John Kerry's op-ed today, I expected that there would be far more interest throughout the liberal blogosphere in the current Los Angeles Times series on wounded soldiers. The series has been extraordinary, a powerful and graphic illustration of Kerry's insistence that keeping the soldiers there without a serious effort to resolve the politics is "immoral."

The Plame Game

Murray Waas's latest scoop -- in which he broke new ground with a detailed account of the Bush administration's deceptions about Iraq -- has won plenty of plaudits already. But its true larger significance is still crying out to be explained.


HIATT TARS DEMS. Fred Hiatt's Washington Post column today slams the Democratic Party's "Real Security" plan. His chief objection appears to be that it's way too short on platitudes for his liking. Hiatt writes:

The first thing you might notice is that the Democrats implicitly reject almost everything the Bush administration says about how Sept. 11 changed the world, or our perception of it.


HILLARY RAISES BIG BUCKS IN TEXAS BUSH COUNTRY. Senator Clinton did a great deal of fundraising around the country in March, and her private fundraising schedule -- which was passed along by a source -- shows that she raked in big bucks in that most impenetrable of red-state strongholds: Texas.

The schedule lists a dozen events in four states, in the space of just two months, March and April. This is very significant, because all the activity shows just how determined Hillary's advisers are to stockpile an enormous campaign warchest at a time when she is facing only token opposition for reelection in 2006 -- something which of course will only fuel speculation that her fundraising right now is also about scaring off potential Dem challengers in 2008.


BOLTEN'S FUTURE PLANS? BUSH DOESN'T KNOW. According to today's New York Times, here's part of what President Bush had to say yesterday about the promotion of Josh Bolten to chief of staff:

Asked in an interview with CNN Espa�ol whether more changes were coming, Mr. Bush replied: "Josh has just begun to take a look at the White House structure. And I haven't had a chance to talk to him about the future yet."