Heather McGhee

Heather McGhee is the Vice President of Policy and Outreach at Demos

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Create a Million Public-Service Jobs

This piece is part of the Prospect's series on progressives' strategy over the next 40 years. To read the introduction, click here.

It's Wrong to Think Big Money Lost Last Night

With the election over, pundits and other race watchers are attempting to write the final word on the most expensive, secret, and billionaire-friendly election in history.  Many are starting to take the position that in the end, the $6 billion in spending didn’t matter much because swing states voters got so saturated with ads that they tuned out.  If the balance of power doesn’t change, some are even saying, that tsunami of spending will have been for naught.

These folks are missing the point. In the game of high-dollar financing of political campaigns, it’s not about the spending—it’s about the giving. No matter how a campaign spends the check written by a millionaire donor, that millionaire donor has purchased exactly what he or she wanted: influence. 

A Spending Cut by Any Other Name

Conservative Dems shouldn't be fooled: The "CAP" Act would mandate huge cuts to popular domestic programs -- even when there's a budget surplus.

Congress returns from a two-week recess today. But for legislators who spent the time championing the House Republicans' extreme agenda to slash federal spending, the break was more like detention. Town hall meetings across the country erupted into bedlam as members came face-to-face with the actual beneficiaries of public spending on health care, retirement, college, food supports, and more.

Wait, Can I Move to Loophole Land?

As I lament just how few deductions I can take to move that digital Turbo Tax counter up toward a fat green refund, I have to consider what it'd be like if, instead of corporations being people, people like me were corporations. Because then, as my colleague at Demos David Callahan writes today, I'd be sitting pretty in "Loophole Land" instead of toiling over here in "W-2 Ville".

Maybe the Tea Party Should Only Protest on Private Golf Courses. . .



But then again, there’d be the EPA and the Clean Water Act to thank for the waterways; local officials to thank for the zoning; federal transportation dollars to thank for the roads driven to enter the course ...