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J. Goodrich is a recovering economist and the sole proprietor of the political blog Echidne of the Snakes. She also blogs for TAPPED.

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David Brooks, in his recent column on the Democratic strategy that would best please him, tells us that liberal/progressive bloggers are a mean-spirited bunch and that the Democratic politicians listen to them only at their own peril, and even then most reluctantly:


The polygamist Warren S. Jeffs has been convicted for being an accomplice to the rape of a 14-year old girl. His motives for doing this, he says, were religious.

"That just makes him all the more the prophet," said Isaac Wyler, who was kicked out of the church by Mr. Jeffs in 2004 but has remained in Colorado City.

Benjamin Bistline, a former member of Mr. Jeffs' church, said he thought the verdict would probably shift the balance of the church away from its historic base here in southern Utah to more recently established compounds in Texas, South Dakota and elsewhere.


The GM workers are striking:

About 73,000 General Motors workers began a nationwide strike in the United States yesterday, marking the first walkout against the carmaker for almost a decade.

It is also the first nationwide strike by car workers in any company since 1976.

The United Auto Workers Union, (UAW) representing General Motors factory employees, have failed to reach agreement with the company's management over pay and benefits.


WHO APPROVES OF THE CONGRESS? Kate's post on the dismal approval rates of the Congress in the Reuters/Zogby poll made commenter Eric state: "...this poll would be more useful if we knew why people didn't approve of Congress. " Indeed.

While we are waiting for that question to be added to all the polls it's interesting to note that the latest Gallup poll finds that more Republicans than Democrats or Independents now approve of the Congress:


SCRUTINIZING SCIENCE. John Ionniadis is an epidemiologist who has decided to focus his critical eye on the published medical research findings. And he has come up with something a little worrisome: According to Ionniadis, false findings may be the majority of published scientific results: