Jaime Fuller

Jaime Fuller is a former associate editor at The American Prospect

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Daily Meme: Supreme Court Goes Back to School

  • The new Supreme Court session heats up this week in a city languishing in political purgatory. And, listen up tourists, the show is open for visitors, unlike most attractions and destinations in D.C. (and, while you're there you can even pick up some sweet John Marshall bling). 

Daily Meme: Politics is Dumb. And Stupid.

  • Senator Mark Warner: "Enough is enough. Sequestration is stupid. Shutting down the government is stupidity on steroids."

Daily Meme: Shutdown or Not, Republicans Have Already Screwed Millions Out of Insurance

  • Although conservatives in the House are trying their damnedest to dismantle all of the Affordable Care Act, the 26 states that decided not to take federal money for Medicaid expansion have already done a good job screwing people out of health insurance. 
  • And, the shutdown has played its own special role in the Medicaid mayhem, as D.C. Medicaid payments have ceased until the federal government reboots. 

Daily Meme: Shutdown Sadness

  • With government activity hushed to a low hum and a press corps hungry for anything to write about, shutdown coverage has reached a fever pitch.