Jaime Fuller

Jaime Fuller is a former associate editor at The American Prospect

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Daily Meme: Cruzing for a Bruising

  • Ted Cruz has had quite a week. First, Speaker John Boehner announced yesterday that the House would sneak a Obamacare defunding resolution into their upcoming budget bill up for a vote on Friday... a bill that would be certain to fail in the Senate.

Daily Meme: What Recovery?

  • Yesterday, the Census Bureau released the latest data on our nation's poorest residents. The news wasn't reassuring.
  • The U.S. poverty rate remained unchanged last year, stubbornly stuck at 15 percent.

Daily Meme: Can Climate Week Change the Weather?

  • The congressional calendar this week is full of environment-centered hearings and events, so climate-change activists have seized upon the moment, named it "Climate Week," and planned a week of protests.
  • This week also marks the five-year anniversary of Keystone XL's first application submission.

Daily Meme: Bye, Bye Larry

Yesterday, former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers withdrew his nomination for the Federal Reserve chairmanship. The wave of Janet Yellen-speculation following in the announcement's wakewas swift.

Daily Meme: Elections, Elections Everywhere

  • New York City voters have chosen their candidates for November's general election, and prognosticators, professional and recreational, have already bathed the papers, airwaves, and web with their thoughts about who will win. 
  • Elections around the country are also starting to ramp up as fall rushes near—let's check in and see how the biggest (or most entertaining) races stand.
  • Terry McAuliffe has a slight lead in the Virginia gubernatorial race against Republican Ken Cuccinelli, and 19 percent of voters are still undecided.