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Jaime Fuller is a former associate editor at The American Prospect

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Trickle-Down Ryanomics

Republicans have already gone through the five stages of grief over Paul Ryan in the week since he was chosen to be the Little John to Mitt's Romney Hood, but their outsized emotions seem to have been a waste of energy. Romney's standing in the polls is … exactly the same as it was prior to the "game-changing" announcement. It seems that, just as history and political science teach us, the veep isn't going to determine the fate of the 2012 presidential election—much to Bill Kristol's chagrin . But, Paul Ryan's biggest effect will likely be seen in down-ballot races. Upstate New York proves a perfect example of how Ryan's infamous budget plan, which Romney pronounced "marvelous," could be a boon to Democrats out of their element in the older-voter-skewing Republican part of the state. Bill Owens, a Democratic representative in the 21st District, was swept into office under the luckiest of circumstances in a 2009 special election when his Republican opponent dropped out and endorsed him...

Shiny, Happy Ryan

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Although Paul Ryan has only been on the Republican presidential ticket for two days, the punditocracy's opinions on how he will influence the race this fall have already solidified. Republicans think he is the saving grace of a candidate wounded by chronic awkwardness, a schizophrenic policy history, and, well, just being filthy rich. Democrats, meanwhile, have been chortling non-stop for the past 48 hours, relishing the chance to tell all those elderly swing voters in Florida about Ryan's evil plot to dismantle Medicare. However, Democrats' entrenched evaluations fail to include an essential variable in the equation of how the Wisconsin representative will play with voters: however strident his policy proposals, you can't fault the packaging. When Paul Ryan was a young twenty-something working at the conservative think tank Empower America, Jack Kemp taught him that conservative talking points could be " delivered with a smile " instead of apocalyptic threats, and Paul Ryan is a...

The Point of Super PACs: Looking Rich and Impressing the Ladies

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Super PACs seem to be this election cycle's must-have accessory, on par with jelly bands and jeggings; not having one is clear sign that you're not hip with the times. For some election groupies, there is nothing much hotter than seeing the Federal Election Commission paperwork pile up in the wake of a Sheldon Adelson money tsunami, which is the only logical reason 593 of these committees raising unlimited amounts of dough for their candidate or issue of choice have been formed in the first presidential election since 2010's Citizens United decision. That, or the fact that being able to raise unlimited amounts of money— $318,988,070 so far —has been found to be an exceptionally potent and dangerous weapon in an election where just about every race, from the presidency to control of Congress, is nerve-wrackingly close. Not all super PACs are quite so terrifying, though. Take Joe Six PAC, which hasn't raised a cent since it was formed in February, and whose leaders are crossing their...

Explaining and Inspiring? Good Luck with That

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When Barack Obama sat down with Charlie Rose recently, he scrutinized his past four years in office and named his failure to give equal weight to policy and narrative—what he termed "explaining, but also inspiring”—the biggest failure of his first term. His self-criticism sounded a melodious chord with the constant complaints the press corps has leveled against his presidency. After the 2010 State of the Union, George Packer called Obama’s inaugural year in the White House a “communications failure,” and Drew Westen, who laments Obama’s failures as a communicator with the fervor of a foreteller of Armageddon, reached his most apocalyptic heights when he wrote of Obama’s inauguration speech, “there was no story—and there has been none since.” Obama has agreed with these complaints before too. In November 2010, Obama went on 60 Minutes and said , “What I didn't effectively, I think, drive home, because we were in such a rush to get this stuff done, is that we were taking these steps not...

Show Us Your Papers!

The calls for Obama to show his birth certificate still rage on at the extreme fringe of the Republican Party, but it seems that it is finally time for Mitt Romney to turn over his documentation. Instead of a birth certificate, though, Romney's opponents on the left are looking for his tax forms—can we make "formerism" a neologism?—from the past decade. The push comes after a Vanity Fair piece last week that cast doubt on the legality of some of Romney’s offshore holdings. Joe Biden, the Obama administration’s favorite attack dog, was let off his leash to tell the National Council of La Raza , “Mitt Romney wants you to show your papers, but he won’t show us his.” It was a perfectly executed double-play that works to woo Latino voters and put the spotlight on Romney’s money. Romney countered by saying "There is nothing hidden" in his offshore accounts, and quickly tried to pivot the discussion to the sour economy. You can expect Romney and Obama to keep playing ping-pong with the...