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Jaime Fuller is a former associate editor at The American Prospect

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Wall Street Likes Facebook

Today's Balance Sheet

Facebook makes its blockbuster market debut today, and as The New York Times points out, "the trading on Friday is the the equivalent of a must-see Super Bowl Sunday showdown for people who don’t ordinarily watch a football game." The social network's stocks have been priced at $38 a pop, which means the company is valued at $104 billion, making it the second biggest initial public offering ever. If the company's first day on Wall Street follows the tech trend, it could be worth $137 billion by the end of the day. 

Big Sky's the Limit

(AP/Andrea Helling)

Montana knows all about buying elections. In 1899, just ten years after it became a state, William Andrews Clark, known as the Copper King, spent an estimated $400,000—the equivalent of $11 million today—to buy the votes of state legislators to send him to the United States Senate. After a lengthy investigation, Clark resigned before the Senate could boot him out. The scandal turned from shocking to farcical when Clark, who bragged that he “never bought a man who wasn’t for sale,” returned to Montana and the lieutenant governor reappointed him to the position from which he’d just been removed.

Back to the Deficit

Today's Balance Sheet

The House plans to vote today on a Republican plan to avoid the $110 billion in Pentagon sequestration cuts that would be triggered at the end of the year because of the failure of last year's supercommittee. "People know at the end of the day that this is not going to be all sunshine and cotton candy," said Representative Tom Cole, a Republican from Oklahoma.

Job Openings on the Rise, Hiring, Not So Much

Today's Balance Sheet

There were 3.74 million job vacancies at the end of March, the highest level since July 2008. The rise was attributed to increased demand in construction and manufacturing, and could show that companies are gaining confidence in the recovery as the year goes on. The small business optimism index rose to 94.5, a high not seen since February 2011

Dems Get a Super PAC Jump-Start

Today's Balance Sheet

Billionaire George Soros is jumping into the 2012 election funding race, donating $1 million apiece to pro-Democratic super PACs America Votes and American Bridge 21st Century. This cash infusion—much needed given how Democratic super PACs have struggled to match the fundraising pace of the conservativeAmerican Crossroads—may bring other liberal donors to the fray despite longstanding misgivings of the influence of super PACs from both the Obama camp and the pool of untapped liberal donors.