Jaime Fuller

Jaime Fuller is a former associate editor at The American Prospect

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A Scary Guide to the GOP Tax Plans

When did tax-reform plans become so sexy? It seems like every day now GOP candidates are flaunting a new, slimmer tax plan, complete with a catchy name and nonsensical (or nonexistent) ideas supporting them. After a while, they can all start to look the same, but they vary widely on the craziness spectrum. Homeland Security decided that colors are passé as a way to measure threat, so here is my patented Herman Cain “I am America” smile threat level system.

Chump Change We Can't Believe In

Tomorrow night is the third-quarter fundraising deadline and the speculation games have already begun. The New York Times looked at 2008 Obama supporters who are now fed up with Obama and unwilling to sacrifice even $3 because Obama didn’t deliver the change they believed in. This line of thinking will likely frame how the new data is perceived. But comparing Obama’s current fundraising capacity among small donors to his impressive haul in 2008 is the wrong way to analyze the data; in this fundraising cycle the most important numbers to predict Obama’s future success among small donors are those of his rivals, not his own.

He's Just Not That Into Blue

For years, liberals have entertained the possibility that Mitt Romney is secretly a moderate whom they could actually agree with. After all, he was for abortion before he was against it, and Romneycare is no conservative achievement.

Obama Needs an 'A' for Effort

President Obama's jobs plan is touted as a plan to put Americans to work and get the economy back on track. But beyond the White House briefing room, Obama's plan is campaign outreach program targeting the key demographics that elected him -- women, minorities and 18 to 29-year-olds -- and was, arguably, written with them in mind.

Obama’s endgame is not just the passage of this jobs bill, despite his new catchphrase. It is near impossible that his plan will pass in a robust form anyway. As an election strategy, however, he needs an 'A' for effort.

Today in SAT Prep: Romney Is to Clinton as Perry Is to Obama

Today, still 14 months out from the Republican National Convention, some journalists remain wary of thinking the race could be over so soon despite Rick Perry's impressive polling. Amy Gardner at the Washington Post wrote yesterday that "Republicans are still shopping for a presidential nominee" and Ken Rudin argued on his NPR blog that the 1972 primaries provide historical evidence that all candidates should be considered viable nominees, especially this early in the game.