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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Republican Insiders Are Not So Keen on a Shutdown

I wrote yesterday that the government shutdown backfired for Newt Gingrich and Republicans in 1995; in the end, it helped Bill Clinton win his re-election race. If this new National Journal poll of party insiders is any indication, today's GOP insiders are worried that history will repeat itself:

The Tea Party Is Still Basically the Religious Right


A new survey from the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life sheds further light on the religious views of the Tea Party. In short, they're more evangelical and more socially conservative than your average American:

Partisanship and Democracy

Bill Galson and Elaine Kamarck team up to offer a strange critique of the American political system: It doesn't do enough to privilege moderate voters:

Another Well-Off Columnist Calls on Public Workers to Sacrifice

Today's "Against the Grain" column, by Josh Kraushaar, reads like a parody of Beltway conventional wisdom. For example, there's this:

President Obama has chosen to play the political equivalent of the prevent defense as his reelection campaign approaches by deferring tough decisions on entitlements.

His budget made no attempt to change the Medicare and Social Security programs, and barely made a dent in spending cuts.

The Inevitable Government Shutdown

Given where the budget debate is headed, it's worth remembering how Republican hardheadedness backfired last time.

(AP Photo/Dennis Cook)

At this point, a government shutdown looks inevitable.

Funding for government services runs out on March 4, and while both parties want to pass a short-term budget bill that will keep things running until a more permanent solution is negotiated, House Republicans are using their new majority to demand huge budget cuts from Democrats. On Saturday, the House passed a seven-month temporary funding resolution that would cut $60 billion from the existing federal budget.