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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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eBooks and Open Standards.


At Balloon Juice, mistermix worries about the future of the ebook market:

The New Bailout.

Is it time to bail out the states? Peter Brown says yes:

Amid all the talk in Washington, D.C., about cutting the federal budget deficit, there is little public discussion of what might be among the most contentious issues that will face the new Congress in January – whether to bail out the states.

Sorry, You Can't Have It Both Ways.

I wonder if Jennifer Rubin sees the contradiction in defending the filibuster against Democratic reform and decrying President Obama's recess appointments. Here she is on the filibuster:

We Can All Agree.

Chief Justice John Roberts agrees -- we need a functioning judicial system:

There is an "urgent need" for Senate Democrats and Republicans to put aside their bickering and fill federal judicial vacancies, Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. wrote Friday in his annual State of the Judiciary report.

It was his first comment about the partisan gridlock on judges that affects President Obama's nominees. But Roberts noted that Democratic and Republican presidents have been frustrated by the "persistent problem" of senators from the opposing party blocking action on nominees.

Best of TAP 2010: Arana on the 'It Gets Better' Campaign.

For my contribution to this series, Gabriel Arana had a great piece critiquing the "It Gets Better" campaign as it moved away from addressing the unique challenges of gay teens and became a generic anti-bullying campaign. Here is a sample: