Jamelle Bouie

Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Your Daily Dose of History.

Via Sociological Images, by way of The New York Times, is the last slave census taken in the United States, dated 1860:

Mike Huckabee and the Minority Vote.

Mike Huckabee hasn't made up his mind about another run for president, but he is confident about his appeal to "ethnic" voters:

The House Is Too Small.

Sad times for advocates of a larger House:

The Supreme Court has rejected an appeal that calls for greatly increasing the House of Representatives to reduce discrepancies in the population of congressional districts from one state to another.

The justices on Monday ordered a lower federal court to dismiss a lawsuit from Mississippi. The suit said House districts vary widely in population, in violation of the principle of "one-man, one-vote."

Doubling or even quadrupling the size of the House from its current 435 representatives would make it easier to draw more evenly populated districts, the lawsuit said.

A Bad Deal for Judicial Nominees.

Last on the Senate's to-do list: judicial confirmations:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is negotiating a deal with Republican leaders to confirm a long list of President Barack Obama's judicial nominations that have idled on the Senate calendar for months, sources say.

The deal could involve as many as 19 of President Barack Obama’s judicial nominees who the GOP consider non-controversial, but would leave out a shorter list of more liberal nominees Republicans consider objectionable — setting up another potential disappointment for liberal activists, who have spent months pushing for their confirmation.