Jamelle Bouie

Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Obama, Liberal Anger, and African American Loyalty.

If you weren't already convinced, Ben Smith and Jonathan Martin show that a primary to challenge Obama is extremely unlikely:

Michael Bloomberg's Contempt for Democracy.

The New York Times calls this "sweeping," but it's mostly just warmed-over pablum:

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg on Wednesday unleashed a blunt and stinging critique of the federal government’s handing of the economic recovery, saying that lawmakers from both parties have “abdicated their responsibility” in favor of partisan bickering, have vilified success in corporate America and have left the country lagging behind its international competitors. [...]

Bullying as Political Strategy.

When he's not losing federal education dollars or canceling valuable transportation projects, New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is busy building his reputation on YouTube. Every one of Christie's public meetings is filmed by a loyal staffer, with the highlights plucked out for viewing pleasure. As for the content, most highlights consist of Christie handling questioners with aggressive pushback, regardless of actual provocation. Conservatives love them -- and have made him a video star -- but some New Jerseyans are tired of the bullying.

Let Down.

If there's anything good about Matt Bai's most recent piece, it's this brief summary of liberal disappointment with Democratic presidents: