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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Laws Should Be Messy.


"Laws and lawmaking are dirtier, messier and less tasty than actual sausages," says America's sausage-makers, or at least those quoted by The New York Times:

“I’m so insulted when people say that lawmaking is like sausage making,” said Stanley A. Feder, president of Simply Sausage, whose plant here turns out 60,000 pounds of links a year.

Friday Nerd Response.


To Adam, I say absolutely. I'll only add that this is basically true for the original series as well; in Star Wars and its sequels, failed religious fanatics successfully deceive and coerce a gifted young man into carrying out their insane plan for revenge. It's tragic, really.

Obama Nominates a Judge, for Once.

Since I've done my fair share of criticizing Obama for his failure to nominate judges to circuit and district courts, I should probably take the time to give credit for when he offers a nomination, and a good one at that:

U.S. District Judge Bernice B. Donald of Memphis has been nominated by President Barack Obama to the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati.

Debt = Less Important Than Unemployment.


Does Andrew Sullivan really believe this?

The debt is obviously the most pressing issue at hand; this commission represents the best hope in a long time to tackle it.

What's So Hard About Hardball?

Kevin Drum on the Democratic Party's congenital inability to play hardball politics:

Maybe a reluctance to play hardball is the issue here. But there are at least two other things involved. The first is simply that Republicans believe their own PR more than Democrats do. When Republicans get hysterical about something, it's genuine. They really believe, way down in their self-righteous little hearts, that they're speaking God's own truth, no matter how ridiculous it is. And it shows.