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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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There Are No Systemic Problems! Or Something.

African Americans are overrepresented in the nation's prisons and jails, and it's common to attribute some of this to systemic forces; poverty, poor schools, inadequate legal representation, drug-enforcement policies, and sentencing laws. It's not that black people are more prone to criminality; it's that they are more likely to find themselves affected by the things that guarantee high rates of incarceration. Of course, some people disagree. Like, for instance, two justices on the Washington state Supreme Court:

Yes, Black People Talk About Responsibility.

Last night, CNN aired a documentary on the financial standing of African American families, that featured this inspired plea on the problem of debt by Pastor DeForest B. Soaries Jr., the senior pastor at the First Baptist Church of Lincoln Gardens in Somerset, New Jersey. Here's the promo:

Did Bill Clinton Forget About 1994?


Bill Clinton, The Washington Post reports, is "baffled" by Democrats' inability to define themselves and their message:

Bill Clinton is baffled. The former president's friends say he is in disbelief that in the closing weeks of the midterm campaigns Democrats have failed to articulate a coherent message on the economy and, worse, have allowed themselves to become "human pinatas."

Palin: Too Dysfunctional to Be President.


I try to avoid commentary on Sarah Palin -- because she really isn't that interesting -- but Jonathan Martin's piece on her political operation is worth reading, if only for the assurance that Palin will never sit in the Oval Office:

When It Doesn't Pay to Tell the Truth.


I made this point on this week's soon-to-be published podcast, and I had planned to write a longer post about it, but Sally Quinn beat me to it with a post called "Why Anita Hill Deserves an Apology":