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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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There Is No Such Thing as a Mandate.

In the current issue of The Forum, Georgetown political scientist Hans Noel has an excellent piece on political myths called "The Ten Things Political Scientists Know That You Don't." It's lengthy, something you should set aside for when you have some spare time during the day, but it's worth reading in full. That said, there is one point I want to highlight now, because it will be very salient in about three weeks:

This Is Why Obama Needs Judges.

This doesn't strike me as a big surprise:

A federal judge in Florida has allowed key parts of a lawsuit against the federal health care overhaul to proceed, presaging a long legal battle over the legislation.

Judge Roger Vinson of Florida's Northern District, a Reagan appointee, ruled that two elements of a lawsuit brought by Bill McCollum and 19 other attorneys general, along with the National Federation of Independent Business, could proceed.

Tea Partiers and Their Ethnocentric Views.

At the Tea Party 9/12 rally, a libertarian-minded student from UCLA took the time to snap a photo of each sign present. As the Washington Post reports, she found little in the way of racism:

Blame the Senate!

Yes, progressives are frustrated with the White House for its occasional timidity, but they would do well to take a page from Nancy Pelosi and direct a little more of their anger at the Senate:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Wednesday urged progressives and pundits alike not punish House Democrats in the 2010 elections for the lethargy and shortcomings of the Senate. [...]

The Successful.

Andrew Sullivan briefly lays out his ideal balance for deficit reduction: