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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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The Little Picture: Austan Goolsbee.

( The White House ) As part of the White House's new "White Board," Austan Goolsbee -- Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors -- explains President Obama 's plan middle-class for tax cuts, and shows how the high-income tax cuts would affect the deficit. -- Jamelle Bouie

One Reason to Talk About Interracial Dating.

( Michelle V. Agins/The New York Times ) So, this blog post/slideshow -- " 8 Reasons to Date a White Man " -- is obviously silly and reductive; to say that black men "glamorize ignorance" or that white men "have a firmer grasp on what really defines manhood" is to announce -- for the crowd -- that you own a yearly pass to the Hall of Profound Stupidity. That said, there is something of an interesting discussion to be had about the overall frequency of interracial marriage among African Americans, and the disparity in interracial marriage between black men, and black women. According to the Census Bureau, 8.4 percent of married African American men are wed to a partner of a difference race. By contrast, only 4 percent of married African American women can say the same. Of course, this also means that 91.6 percent of married black men are wed to a black woman, and 96 percent of married black women are wed to a black man. To continue my recent trend of broad speculation, I think there...

Yes, Obama Can Connect with Voters.

Obviously, as a consultant, it's John Anzalone job to boost the Democratic Party's fortunes. Still, this is actually a true thing : Where did this Washington myth come from that Barack Obama does not connect with regular voters? Is everyone's memory so short that they don't remember the 2008 elections and the crowds of literally tens of thousands that this guy attracted? Of course this guy connects with every day voters. And he still does as president. We just happen to be going through the worst economic times since the Great Depression, two wars and a financial system that collapsed. Sorry if the American people aren't all touchy-feely right now. In fact, despite claims that the GOP has done a better job connecting with the public, a recent Pew survey found that Obama is viewed as better than Republican leaders in explaining his policies and vision for the country: Half (50%) of the public says Obama has done a better job, compared with just 28% who say GOP leaders have done better...

Longer School Days.

On Monday, President Obama endorsed the idea of a longer school year: "I think we should have longer school years," Obama said on NBC's "Today" show during a special forum on education. "We now have our kids go to school about a month less than other advanced countries. And that month makes a difference." Longer school years are nice, but I think longer school days might be better, especially for underprivileged students in disadvantaged environments. For kids growing up in these areas, one of the big problems is just the absence of any meaningful order. This letter in The Boston Globe , from a high school student, gives a good sense of what I mean: I never did my homework or studied; being alone in a room, I saw only my friends’ faces on my walls, and I heard their voices seeping in through cracks of the ceiling and windows. In class, only they were on my mind, not how to annotate a paragraph or how to solve (x + 8)2. I didn’t care, because I knew that once 2:50 p.m. hit, I would be...

Roots of the Tea Party's Rage.

The Tea Party is frequently described as a new phenomena in American politics, but as Kevin Drum notes in a piece for Mother Jones , the opposite is true; like the John Birch Society or Arkansas Project before it, the Tea Party is the latest instance of a right-wing reaction that happens whenever we have a Democratic president: The growth of the tea party movement isn't really due to the recession (in fact, polling evidence shows that tea partiers are generally better off and less affected by the recession than the population at large). It's not because Obama is black (white Democratic presidents got largely the same treatment). And it's not because Obama bailed out General Motors (so did George W. Bush ). It's simpler. Ever since the 1930s, something very much like the tea party movement has fluoresced every time a Democrat wins the presidency, and the nature of the fluorescence always follows many of the same broad contours: a reverence for the Constitution, a supposedly spontaneous...