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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Playing Politics With Policy.

The big news to come out of Labor Day was President Obama's plan for a $50 billion government investment aimed at upgrading roads, rail, and airport runways over the next six years. This is a good idea, and on the whole, should have a net stimulative effect on the economy, though not by much. Of course, there's also zero chance that this will survive Congress; conservative Democrats will voice their "concerns" about the deficit, and Senate Republicans will showboat about spending and taxes before condemning the plan to death by filibuster.

The Obama Tax Cuts.

If Republicans retake the majority, which they probably will, their first move will be to extend the Bush tax cuts:

"Well, we're going to stay focused on Election Day. But I think before that, we're going to continue to demand that this administration and this Congress make it clear that no American will see a tax increase in January of next year," Pence said during an appearance on CNBC.

Breaching FDR's Fortress, Cont.

At Daily Kos, blogger Hunter takes issue with my claim that "conservatives haven't really changed the guiding assumptions of American governance":

Saying "the conservative movement hasn't really changed the guiding assumptions of American governance or stopped the expansion of the welfare state" isn't just not true, it's a ridiculous statement. It's a bit past ridiculous, in fact.

The Perriello Experiment.

In the latest Survey USA poll of Virginia's 5th District, Rep. Tom Perriello trails his Republican opponent, state Sen. Robert Hurt, by more than 25 points:

A new poll in the 5th District Congressional race continues to show a commanding lead for Republican challenger Robert Hurt.

Compared to an identical survey six weeks ago, Hurt has increased his lead over Democratic incumbent Tom Perriello by three points.

If the election were held Thursday, the News7 SurveyUSA poll indicates that Hurt would defeat Perriello 61 percent to 35 percent.