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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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GOP Sees a Balanced-Budget Amendment in America's Future.

For a political party that insists on the Constitution's perfection, the GOP is unusually enthusiastic about amending the document. Last week, prominent Republicans came out in favor of "revisiting" the 14th Amendment -- their signature accomplishment -- with an eye toward ending the nation's long-standing policy of birthright citizenship.

Anti-Incumbent Sentiment Still Pretty Low.

Writing for The New York Times, Carl Hulse opens a story on Colorado's Senate primaries with this line:

Two Senate primaries that were supposed to be tranquil affairs have turned into roaring Rocky Mountain shootouts that could provide the best test yet of how deeply anti-establishment, anti-Washington sentiment is running this year.

The Filibuster is Bad for Reform, Period.

Cato's David Boaz attempts to make a libertarian defense of the filibuster, and Matthew Yglesias offers his response:

Black Kids Still More Likely to Drown.

I can't even begin to fathom how horrible this must be for the families involved:

Six teenagers drowned Monday evening in a river in northern Louisiana when they waded over a drop-off into much deeper water.

The teenagers, ages 13 to 18, belonged to two families that had come to a sandy bank along the Red River in Shreveport, Louisiana, said the city’s assistant fire chief, Fred Sanders. The victims were three siblings from the Warner family -- Takeitha, 13, and her brothers JaMarcus, 14, and JaTavious, 17 -- and three brothers from the Stewart family -- Litrelle, 18, LaDairus, 17, and Latevin, 15.

In Defense of the Hold.

Riffing off of Sen. John McCain's hold on director of national intelligence nominee James Clapper, Jonathan Bernstein offers a qualified defense of a somewhat obscure rule that has been the target of progressive ire in these parts and others:

Today, Senatus tweeted "McCain spokeswoman says he's released "hold" on Clapper nomination," followed shortly by an Ambinder tweet: "Clapper's free -- McCain releases his hold after his office gets the report on the black budget EO/MASINT satellites."