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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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Sympathy for the Banker.

House Minority Leader John Boehner did a nice job last week of reminding us that his party has an
inviolate commitment to enriching the privileged:

They're not campaigning on it in earnest -- at least not yet -- but Republican leaders say that, given the power, they would like to do away with Wall Street reform much like they have already discussed repealing health care reform.

"I think it ought to be repealed," said House Minority Leader John Boehner, in response to a question from TPMDC, at his weekly press conference this morning.

Racism and the Tea Party, Cont.

This Kansas City Star piece on racism within the Tea Party is worth reading, if only because it is filled with
incredible quotes. For example:

Take Ron Wight, who stood with dozens of tea party activists at the J.C. Nichols Memorial Fountain in April, complaining about the Obama administration, its socialist agenda and being called a racist.

Those like him who complain about President Barack Obama are accused of racism, lamented the semi-retired music teacher from Lee’s Summit.

Then he added: “If I was a black man, I’d get down on my knees and thank God for slavery. Otherwise, I could be dying of AIDS now in Africa.”

The Man Who Sold the World.


Yesterday, Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson told Politico he wouldn't support a procedural vote to begin debate on a climate bill that includes a cap on utility emissions:

Racism: Nice People Do It Too.

Despite the fact that I have opinions on these things, I haven't been particularly inspired to comment on the
NAACP's resolution denouncing "racist" rhetoric from the Tea Party and asking Tea Party leaders to repudiate the
movement's "racist elements."

Just Words?

Jonathan Zasloff is frustrated with Senate Democrats over their failure to pass a jobs bill by any means necessary and angry with President Obama for his failure to speak up:

It would be really nice if the President would knock some heads together on this. But on this page, apparently I’m not allowed to criticize him.