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Jamelle Bouie is a staff writer at The American Prospect.

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The Republican Party Is Clearly, Absolutely, Broken


On the domestic front, the first six months of President Obama’s second term have been dominated by two issues: Immigration reform and the budget. On the former, a consensus has emerged between Democrats and more pragmatic members of the Republican Party, with Congress poised to vote on a bill that combines a path to citizenship with more border security and tougher enforcement mechanisms. The two parties are sharply divided on how to approach the budget, but—again—there’s room for Democrats to work with more pragmatic members of the opposition.

Republicans Land a Solid Blow on the Obama Persona

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President Obama’s key asset as a politician has always been his personal brand. Most Americans have always held him in high esteem, even as they disapproved of his overall job performance. During the presidential election, for instance, Obama’s approval ratings always lagged behind his favorability.

Ringside Seat: Virginia Is Not for Governors

There's a plethora of reasons why Democrat Terry McAuliffe’s chances are lousy in Virginia's off-year gubernatorial election.

Michele Bachmann's Powerful Legacy

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Michele Bachmann’s retirement from the House of Representatives is an obvious loss for political journalists and their editors, who could guarantee web traffic by just reprinting anything she said, with minimal comment. That was especially true during the Republican presidential primaries.

The Ted Cruz Immigration Shuffle

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National Journal’s Beth Reinhard has a great look at Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s transformation from pro-immigration policy advisor for George W. Bush, to right-wing, fire-breathing opponent of reform.