James Morone

James A. Morone, a political science professor at Brown University , is the author of Hellfire Nation: The Politics of Sin in American History.

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Health Care: Reformers' Rounds

Organizing Reform James A. Morone In the high drama of winning health reform, a crucial matter is being pushed aside--who is going to make the system work? The fate of health reform turns on effective, sensible administration. Ignoring the issue now will produce chaos when the reforms are implemented. The president's Health Security Plan gives the administrative job to vaguely delineated regional health alliances. The plan leaves most organizing details to the states though it loads an eye-popping roster of tasks onto the alliances. The alliances oversee cost control, assure universal coverage, keep an eye on the quality of care, negotiate insurance contracts, collect premiums, and discipline insurers who grab the easy money by chasing healthy people. They are the heart of the new health care system. Conservatives respond with the Republican reflexive: too much government. They are exactly wrong. It is health care competition that creates the regulatory burden. Entrepreneurs in a...