Jason Barnosky

Jason Barnosky is a doctoral student in political science at Brown University.

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Dead End

With President Bush's encouragement, Congress passed a provision in last week's budget for a $14 million voucher program in Washington, D.C. -- the first such federally financed program in the country. While the president and Congress may think that jumping on the voucher bandwagon is the best way to improve our nation's schools, little indicates that they're right. Our experiences with voucher programs have so far been disappointing, and a look at Chile -- a country that has had a nationwide voucher program in place for more than 20 years -- suggests that they won't get better with time. Decades ago, Milton Friedman popularized the idea of school vouchers. His idea was straightforward: Provide parents with a voucher for a specified amount of money and allow them to redeem it at the public or private school of their choice. Schools would be put to the tests of the market, and the educational system would improve. The idea lay more or less dormant in the United States until the 1990s,...