Jeanne Lenzer

Jeanne Lenzer is a freelance medical investigative journalist living in New York.

Recent Articles

Blood Not-So-Simple

A “no-consent” medical study of an experimental blood substitute is creating an uproar among researchers and bioethicists. Controversy over the study, which is under way at 31 hospitals across the nation, is pulling back the curtain on similar studies ready to be launched under President Bush's “war on terrorism” as well as Project Bioshield, an ambitious plan to protect citizens against chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear attacks through the development of commercial products, such as vaccines for anthrax and smallpox, and the development of blood substitutes. Bush signed Bioshield into law on July 21, 2004, authorizing $5.6 billion for the project. One Bioshield recipient, Northfield Laboratories, a small biotech company in Illinois, received $4.9 million, administered by the U.S. Army, in the past two fiscal years to develop PolyHeme, the fake blood at the center of the controversy. The Defense Department has spent decades and millions of dollars in pursuit of the Holy...