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Jeff Spross is a Prospect Summer 2010 intern.

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"Seriousness" Really Does Mean Screwing the Less Fortunate.

Ezra Klein lists the ways the Affordable Care Act pushes Medicare toward smarter and more efficient ways of buying health care, then notes Paul Ryan's plan does none of that. It simply "appeals to people who have an ideological take on health-care reform and believe we can make Medicare cheaper by handing it over to private insurers and telling seniors to act like consumers."

Ryan's Plan Does Not Mean What You Think It Means

Having slammed Paul Ryan's budget in a previous piece, David Frum now tries to list what he likes about it. Not an unworthy exercise, but it’s worth noting that a lot of Frum's positive points assume we’ll eventually fold Ryan's plan into the structure laid down by health-care reform.

Frum praises Ryan's plan for abandoning the "death panels" meme and advocating on behalf of efficiency in health-care spending. He also notes that Ryan’s Medicare restructuring plan actually endorses the health-care act's exchanges and suggests moving Medicare and Medicaid entirely onto them.

Obama Is Clintonian on the Deficit

Here's Rand Paul (via Matt Welch) saying Clinton was preferable to Bush:

Imagine this—what if there had never been a President George W. Bush, and when Bill Clinton left office he was immediately replaced with Barack Obama. Now imagine Obama had governed from 2000 to 2008 exactly as Bush did–doubling the size of government, doubling the debt, expanding federal entitlements and education, starting the Iraq war–the whole works.

The Sad, Messy Saga of Peter King.

Now that we have the names of the six witnesses who will appear at Peter King's hearings this week on radicalization within the American Muslim community, a few observations can be made.

The TAP Five.

The five TAP pieces that have made a stir around the Web this week.